The Advantages of Attending an International School

The Advantages of Attending an International School

Every child represents the main mission for their family, and all parents’ significant decisions are mainly driven by the sense of “doing the right thing” for them, and choosing the perfect school is one the most challenging and scaring decisions among all. Although each educational institution has its own set of advantages, international education provides a unique and complete opportunity for children. While considering which educational system would fit your child and your expectations at best, please take into account the following “10 good reasons” for him to attend an international school.

  1. Multicultural Environment

International schools are home to children and teachers of many different nationalities; their different cultural background contributes to providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of diversity. Multicultural environments are stimulating and promote tolerance to help create a more peaceful and harmonious world.

  1. International Curriculum

In order to keep up with the ongoing evolving society, international programmes are frequently revised and updated. Additionally, they focus on the acquisition of skills rather than just mere learning of content and information.

  1. Pedagogical Approach

International schools promote the whole-student pedagogical approach to ensure the full expression of their students’ peculiarities, recognizing them as unique and valuable individuals in an ongoing challenging world.

  1. Bilingualism

Being a real bilingual means having the ability to speak, write and understand two languages without translating from one language to another. Bilingualism is a real chance for life!

  1. National Cultural Heritage

The international mindset is also expressed through the recognition and valorization of the hosting country. The strong bond with the local culture allows foreign students to grasp a real knowledge of their hosting country and, at the same time, grant local students to grow and develop an international perspective while maintaining and deepening their cultural heritage.

  1. Growth in Personality

Life at international schools includes the celebration of cultural differences and festivities. The consequential appreciation for differences fosters the growth of emotional maturity and the development of life-long friendships.

  1. Empathy

Through a variety of subjects, such as drama and literature, students are naturally encouraged to “put themselves in someone else’s shoes”, so to develop empathy. Empathy leads to consider the others as ourselves, therefore it promotes caring and fair actions.

  1. Small Class Sizes

School of this nature very often offer small class sizes in order to maximize the learning benefits, as they allow teachers to allocate the needed attention to each student in the class.

  1. More Career Opportunities

Employers around the world seek individuals who have experience working with other cultures, as people tend to be more effective when collaborating in a multicultural environment. International educated students demonstrate confidence when approaching multi-language and culture working opportunities.

  1. Fun

There’s not a single child who does not like to learn when this happens while enjoying what they are doing. Inquiry-based learning promotes the natural curiosity of children, encouraging them to be life-long learners. The enjoyment of the learning environment is proportional to the teachers’ commitment and passion. Teachers have fun too!

At The International School of Treviso we embody all the values and the advantages of international education. Our aim is to give our students the strongest possible start in life and to equip them with the academic and social skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly globalized society.

We look forward to meeting you!

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