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Through small actions everyone can make an impact


Action is learning by doing and experiencing. Service is part of action, and it is where IB learners strive to be caring members of the local and global community by demonstrating personal commitment.

At ISTreviso we want our students to make a difference in the world, and we guide them to help them personalise the actions they take. Also, we ensure students understand that it is not a mandate from the school but part of a life long mindset our students develop. Action is a part of who we are and a process we need to carry out in order to change the world within which we live.

How do we make changes to the way we think so we can help the world?
Taking action can happen at any age.

At ISTreviso we provide the scaffolded learning experiences that help students gain the skills and knowledge to take sustained and meaningful action. Through collaboration and a focus on problem-solving, we can take action in a meaningful way

Sustainable Action requires that teachers and students create, monitor, and foster systems to sustain the action they have generated. Our goal is to take the action from a local to a global platform.

ISTreviso Actions are supported and combined with Milc Foundation® – find more at www.milcfoundation.com.

Milc Foundation is continuously seeking innovative solutions for social welfare 2.0. Milc Foundation selects the most dynamic partners to start virtuous paths, capable of triggering incubation of ideas, tracing new service trajectories, maximizing benefits for its users, and the entire community.

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